Thursday, 5 February 2009

wedding card

I had a lovely day today, the school was closed due to the snow so Lily was home again (she was home yesterday with a cough) thankfully her cough is a bit better today so she wasn't so clingy and miserable! She was playing in her room for a while so I got a chance to play. I had an order for a wedding card for a friend and found this pattern in this months Parchment Craft Magazine, its really a valentine card but I thought it would be good for a wedding card too :o)

A wee closeup of the detail

It was lovely to be parching again, its been a while since I did any. The white parts are all embossed and to make sure the parchment doesn't buckle you have to mboss in layers starting with a large ball tool, I did 5 layers of ebbossing leaving the paper to "rest" between each layer, so it took quite a while!


Steph said...

I'm glad you've had a nice day :) Poor Lily - hope she's better soon *hugs*
Now - wow - I have always had huge respect for parchment crafters - it takes a lot of skill so I'm in awe!
Have a lovely evening, Steph xxx

All Pink girl said...

Gorgeous card so pretty xxx
looks like we were all at home today xxx
hope Lily is better soon ,sending big hugs Dawnxxx

Bev said...

Blimey!! I bet that took some doing Amanda, it's gorgeous!! Hope your Lily is soon on the mend, bless her

hugs Bev x

Theresa said...

Oh Panda
that is just stunning matey and I love the cow card too. I hope Lily is feeling better today

Enfys said...

Wow, that is really something special, I have never tried parchment crafting, haven't got the patience, but I so admire the craft. Gorgeous job hun
Enfys x

Bunny-Zoe's Blog said...

Gorgeous card Amanda, so pretty. I hope lily is feeling better today. Hugs Nikki x

Macpurp said...

wow!! this is amazing!
you must have so much patience to do this!

beautiful card !!

you got much snow left ?
love teen xxx

Debbie said...

Oh this is so pretty Amanda, I can imagine it took quite some time to create...but time well spent as it is just gorgeous. Debbie x

Dawn said...

How you doing!
Your parchment craft is just so beautiful Amanda - it looks so delicate - great for your wedding card!


Heather "Hev" said...


I thought it was a doily at first and when I read it I went "Durrr!! This is Amanda!

Hope Lily is feeling better!