Wednesday, 24 August 2011

where have I been? and skidding in by the seat of my pants lol

Where have I been? Weeeeeell as you may remember we were moving house at the end of July. Talktalk (ggrrr) were supposed to come on the 1st of August to connect the phone and broadband and they didn't show up!! After 2 days of phone calls and complaints we ended up telling them to stuff it and went with bt but we had to wait until today to get up and running. Lordy 24 days without internet is sooooooooooooo depressing!! I hope I never have to do that again!!

The move went ok apart from the phone thing and the new house is looking fabby, a bit of decorating a few bits of newer furniture and I am happy with it. Lily is loving her new school and seems to be making friends fast which is a huge relief and the wee man, well what can I say? As long as theres some mischief for him to get up to he's happy lol

Now to the sliding in by the seat of my pants bit......

Crafty Ribbons my all time favourite ribbon peeps are starting a new challenge blog on the 1st September (yeehah) and are having a wee dt call here. To enter for this you need to get your backside in gear as the closing date is midnight tonight (eek). You need to make a blog post similar to this (maybe a bit less rambling lol) and show your 3-5 favourite pieces of craft. So here are mine :o)

2 of my favourite pieces were in fact entries into the crafty ribbons ribbon challenges of which I have been delighted to enter a fair few!! I am not crawling here let me assure you, anyone who has been following my blog will know how much I love and use my crafty ribbons!!

Sooooo if by any chance you see this before midnight I hope you will join me in entering :o)

huggles and back later in the week with some pics of my new home and the long awaited for craft room!!!