Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Lily the trooper

Well I was amazed at how brave my little one was at the drs today. I told her she was going to have an injection and she said "ok mama" and I thought she didn't really understand that it was probably going to hurt! She flinched a bit but she didn't even say OW!!! Bless her wee heart she was so proud of being a brave girl :)

mothers day card

I had a fun morning while the kids were at nursery today, made a card to send to my mum for mothers day on Sunday. I haven't made this type of card for ages, so thought it would make a nice change :)

I have made quite a few cards this week, I did some for birthdays with 3d and stitching on them

This afternoon I have to take Lily for her MMR booster, I am dreading taking her this time as she is so much older than the last time!! Will have to bribe her with a new Dora magazine to help her be brave lol
Fingers crossed it's not too sore

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Where to start??

Now where do you start with this blogging malarkey?? I suppose you just jump right in and start typing so thats what I am doing lol

This week I started a new diet! I have been dieting on and off for years so I suppose it was inevitable that I would be back on one now. I haven't been dieting for ages so of course I have put on heaps of weight. :( I started yesterday and have cut out the eating between meals and have stopped taking sugar in my tea (aarrghhh its so yukky!). So far so good, fingers crossed it will continue well ;)