Thursday, 28 January 2010

some more pics!

Oh wow I can't beleive how fast the time is going....Alfie is 4 weeks today and on one hand it feels like yesterday I was in hospital and on the other hand he seems to have been here forever lol

Haven't been doing anything crafty so thought I'd share a few new pics, the wee man is changing so much already!

This one is with Lily and Alfie's elder brother Nicky who is 25 :o)

Hope you're all well girls, hoping to get some cards up soon as I am planning on making the Christening Invitations this weekend......well if Alfie lets me of course lol

Thursday, 14 January 2010

snow snow snow.....

Kath has been measuring the amount of snow she has in the garden so I thought I would share a few from here! They were taken just before Christmas but to be honest we still have all of this, maybe even more!! I have been a bit house bound since the middle of December, I haven't been able to get out with Alfie in his pram as it is just too deep and our paths haven't been cleared. It's getting a bit annoying now though, I love snow don't get me wrong, but it's been here too long now lol
Lily enjoying it :o)

our dog Gypsy, she is 13 years old but when you see her in the deep snow she bounds about like a puppy lol Bless her it was so deep at one point she has taken to piddling under the trampoline as it's the shallowest area lol

Sunday, 3 January 2010

well he is here.....

Yes girlies at last my little Alfie William Jack Wallace is here....all 9lb 10oz of him! He arrived at 1.44pm on 31st December so not quite a New Year baby.

What a job we had getting him here......I went to the hospital on 28th in the evening to be induced in the morning of the 29th. Bright and early on the 29th the process started and by the afternoon seemed to be working well, but by tea time was grinding to a halt! No more contractions for me that night so was examined to see if I could have another prostin the following morning but was too far to be able to have another one, was told I would be taken to the labour suite to have my waters popped to speed things up. That was at 8am on the Wedensday, after staying on the ward all day so they could find me as soon as a bed became available I was told it would have to be the next day! Was sooooo fed up by this point that I asked if I could go home cos I was missing Lily so much and was unable to sleep in the hospital anyway. I went home for the night and oohhhhhh it was so fab to sleep in my own bed!!

Back to hospital on Thursday at 8am and was the first one taken to the labour suite, waters popped at 9.30am and WOW O WOW things went fast after that! I was put straight onto the syntocin drip to bring on the contractions and he arived at 1.44pm, so 4 1/4 hours in total!!

We came home on New Years Day and are enjoying getting to know each other. Lily is just over the moon to meet her wee brother and is being such a help fetching and carrying etc, although she did say last night "How have I become the slave here mum?!" Bless her she is just a wee dote!!

Will be back in a few days once I have caught up on some sleep and once all the visitors have stopped coming round lol