Monday, 28 December 2009

Almost time!

Well people still nothing to report......I think I have made this wee man too comfy as he is showing no signs of wanting to arrive!! I've tried expalining that yes it's freezing here but I will keep him wrapped up warm but he's having none of it!

So tonight I head up to the hospital to be induced, not sure if they start it all off during the night or wait til morning but don't suppose he'll come before tomorrow lol Now that Christmas is over and done with Lily is excited about the baby bless her, in the week before Christmas she was like "what baby?" lol too excited about Santa. She is off to stay with my friend tonight.............I don't envy her one little bit I bet she will be high as a kite!!

So my next post will definetely be announcing the birth! I will have plenty of pics to share too you can bet your cuttlebug!!

Take care all and be back soon (I hope lol)

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Been quiet but still here lol

Hello all! ooops didn't realise it had been so long since I last posted anything! I have taken a couple of months off from my DT duties over at Allsorts.......haven't got the energy or inclination to make cards these days lol so will be re-joining the team in February.

Hows everyone doing with their Christmas preparations? I have managed to be organised this year and have done all my shopping and have even wrapped them! All I have left to get are some little bits to go in Lily's stocking. heehee I bet you all hate me lol

My wee man is growing fast, my bump is massive these days! (will put some pics up soon) Just over 3 weeks to go til my due date, so as you can imagine girls going in to labour is starting to obsess me a wee bit lol I have to go to hospital on Monday for another scan to see how much my wee elephant has grown and to see if he has turned or not (he was breech at my last scan a few weeks ago) So I have been trying to keep myself busy with something so the knitting needles have been going nineteen to the dozen, have done a couple of wee cardigans and the cutest wee waistcoat and teddy, well the waistcoat is cute not so sure of the teddy, his head is a wee bit floppy but hey ho it's kept me quiet lol

the pic doesn't show how cute the wee train buttons are lol

Hope all you crafty ladies are getting on well with your Christmas Cards, I just can't face them this year so bought ones it is.................if I send any at all, maybe I will leave the Christmas cards and send birth announcements instead :o)