Saturday, 31 January 2009

Sugar Nellie extra challenge

The Sugarbowl challenge blog has an extra monthly challenge called "Sugar Sugar" This month the challenge was to make and use paper beads. I made these beads today and was going to make a card for them to go onto, but Lily hijakked them and said she wanted me to make them into a bracelet..............and of course with her gorgeous big eyes pleading with me how could I refuse?? Cos she's a spoiled little madam of course lol I doubt if this will count for the challenge but thought I would show you anyway :o)

bless her she is prancing round the room with nothing but her bracelet on daughter the stripper lol

here's those brown eyes..................could you refuse her??


Macpurp said...

awwwww she is a wee honey pie!!!!

thank you for my card & images.
have a wee something on my blog for you
love teen xxx

Theresa said...

Lily has done a great job on making her braclet Panda. She is such a little cutie. Well done Lily

Sammi said...

Oooh.. the beads are lovely!
No wonder Lily wanted them!
I think it should count for the challenge...after all you did make her too!
She's gorgeous.. I can see how you could not say no!

Natalie said...

What lovely photo's. Great job with the bracelet. x

Katie said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and good luck with the candy.
This is a lovley bracelet,and no who could refuse a little doll like her!!!
Your cards are wonderful.


Enfys said...

You are such a super all-round crafter, these beads are lovely, I can't begin to imagine making beads :) Your little cutie is so sweet
En x

Bunny-Zoe's Blog said...

Your daughter is gorgeous Amanda and love the bracelet, Big Hugs, Nikki x

Steph said...

Your daughter is such a honey - think there may be a 'Britain's Next Top Model' in the making :) She's doing a grand job modelling that fab bracelet! xxx

Tip Top said...

Awwww! And very well modelled too!!