Saturday, 11 April 2009

The good luck continues......................

Well gorgeous girlies I hope you are all enjoying this Easter weekend?

These last two weeks have been very lucky for start with I won a blog candy which arrived this week, then I won the Elisabeth Bell stamp set on Wednesday and then today I went into my local shop to find I had won an Easter Egg.............I bought two tickets at 50p each and I got this HUGE easter's not just HUGE it's MAHOOOOOOOSIVE!!! The ticket says it weights 1kg

I tell you between all the gifts I have made to give, the 4 eggs Lily has already received and now this badboy its like Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory in this house. We'll be eating it for weeks!!!!! oooooh I am dreading the next dental visit lol
Lily had a fun afternoon with some really hard boiled eggs. Her hands are covered in pen and she has been cutting up her stickers like there's no tomorrow!! She wanted me to take her picture so I could put it on here for her to show you all her eggs. She is looking forward to rolling these down the hill after church tomorrow :o)

Night night girlies I hope you all get lots of lovely eggs from the Easter Bunny


Kath said...

There is no way you can eat that egg all by yourself...I will await my portion in the post....enjoy the rest of your weekend
Hugs Kath xxxx

weewiccababe said...

Lily's eggs are terrific
and wow at that egg!!

yvonne said...

Oh bless her , she looks proud as punch . She is very talented , just like her mum with her crafting. WELL DONE HUN ... and a HAPPY EASTER TO YOU XX

Natalie said...

Wow, look at that huge egg. Have a great Easter. x

Sammi said...

oooh... wowee... you better ration that out!! :) HAPPY EASTER!!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
Great photo of Lily and her eggs...they are lovely! "were lovely"?

Kim Piggott said...

That is one huge egg but so lovely!
Lily looks just the cutest and her eggs are fabulous!
Happy Easter!
kim x

Lora said...

awww how cute is she, bless her.
Congrats on all the wins. That is one BIG egg!!
I have some candy on my blog just now, hope you have time to take a peek, you might be lucky again :)
Happy Easter
Hugs Lora xx

dawnmarieg said...

Wow, you look fantastic, well done you! I really like your eggboxes, fantastic idea. I'm just a newbie to cardmaking so I'm building up my stash and getting inspiration. Thank you for following my blog, I look forward to seeing what your up to next. Hugs Dawn Marie.xx

Helena said...

Oh WOW! What an enormous egg! I am very jealous. I told my partner that I shouldn't really have one, as I ate so much when we were away last week. Unfortunately he took me literally and I didn't get one. LOL! How come they can't take hints, but if you say you 'shouldn't really' they hear you. Hurrumppff! Well never mind. I did have a wee Cadbury's Cream Egg. Tomorrow I'm taking a box of choccie biccies to my mum's so I have that to look forward to. Oo! I just popped by to say congrats on winning the WOJ prize. Then I got sidetracked by your chocolate. See what it does to my brain?

Dawn said...

whoo hoo!! Lucky Yooo!!
Better get a lottery this week!!


Bunny-Zoe's Blog said...

Looks like Lily had a great time and her eggs look so pretty, Congratulations on your wins Amanda, I hope your having a great bank holiday weekend, Big Hugs, Nikki x

Lainy's Little Blog said...

OMG! What an egg! That'll take some eating! It's nice when lots of nice things happen at one. You'll be hoping that it continues. Lily's eggs look fab. Hope you've had a great weekend. Happy Easter. Hugs, Lainy xxx

Tip Top said...

Hehehehe! Well, they say things come in 3's - so lucky you! And Lily looks very pleased with herself and her eggs!

debra said...

just found your blog today and great blog to. they do say that everything comes in threes and it certainly has for you congratulations on all your yummy wins
hugs Debra