Monday, 27 October 2008

I've been tagged!

Karin ((my DT boss at Just Xmas and B'day cards lol) has tagged all of the DT from her blog so here goes with my answers lol

Things I love:
1. first and foremost my family, I love them all
2. reading - I read every day, I just love books
3. crafting - need I say more lol
4. sunshine
5. watching soppy romantic films

Things I don't love
1. Reality TV shows
2. when the kids I look after fight
3. child abuse gggrrrrrrrrr
4. rain
5. when my internet goes down :( feel like my arm is missing lol

Favorite Food/Drinks
1. ice cream
2. chocolate
3. proper ice cream milkshakes
4. toast
5. vodka and coke (omg how unhealthy am I, no wonder I am overweight lol)

Songs on your Ipod/playlist
1. Queen - the best ever!
2. George Michael
3. Snow Patrol
4. Erasure - makes me think back to my teenage years
5. Amy MacDonald - she's scottish so she's fab ;)

I would like to tag the following:
1.Heather (Hev)
2. Dawn

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