Wednesday, 29 October 2008

blog candy with a wee challenge

The gorgeous Dawn is giving away blog candy here there is a wee challenge attached that Dawn wants to see our craft areas!!!! Even better if there is a pic of you in it. I craft in the living room on the dining table and when I have been busy it is a real mess, although it has to be tidied away every day :( I hate having my pic taken so I took a pic of Lily in it last night (yes my daughter is wearing a tutu on top of her jeans lol) As you can see I had been busy last night. Had to take another pic this morning though as the pic from last night was a bittie dark :)

1 comment:

Dawn said...

Hiya Yoooo!!
Well you've been busy crafting!
Like you I USED to tidy away every night because my desk etc is in a corner of my living room but now - Who cares!! anyone who comes to visit knows what to expect - mind you they've usually got to wrestle with the Cuttlebug to get a seat!!! LOL .....and I'm not joking either!! My stash and extra drawers has spread like dry rot across the wall and floor!! He He!!
#Thanks for joining in Panda!!
Oh! and I forgot to say I loved your book mark my nan has her eye on it!!!! but it's MINE!!


P.s Lily is a wee princess and loved her tutu!! too!!