Wednesday, 12 August 2009


I am hoping one of you gorgeous girlies will be able to help me...............I just went to my dashboard page to check out the blogs I follow and according to that I am not following any blogs and the page is blank!! I've checked a couple of the blogs I know I follow and I am still in their followers list so I don't understand it!!

Any ideas anyone??


Kath said...

This is a current Blogger problem...affecting lots of folks...just hang in there and it will probably come back....this happened to me a few weeks ago....I could see it in Firefox but not in IE 8.
Hugs kath xxxxxx

Jules said...

Hi Amanda

This happened to me yesterday and this morning I was still without them.

But I have come home from work tonight and they are back again !!!! YAY!!

I noticed that a few people had reported it on blogger so it must be a problem for lots.

Hopefully yours will all be back to normal too soon.

Love Jules xx