Tuesday, 11 August 2009

back from holiday.............

.....and already it feels like I haven't been away lol We were away for two weeks in total, we went to Essex first for a family wedding and it was a lovely weekend, the sun shone and the bride looked amazing. It was lovely to see the Ian's family again (we haven't been down since his mum's funeral in October) Here's pic of the three of us at the wedding (I was so happy the dress still fits with the baby bump lol)
On the Monday we left Essex to head to the Lake District for 9 nights in a camping pod. We found this camping pod online and it looked great, it's basically a wooden shed with window, glazed door, electricity, light and a heater. You take all the usual camping gear, which we have, but it means you are dry and warm if the weather is rubbish.................just as well cos the weather was absolutely atrocious, it rained virtually every day and the evenings were cold. if that had been the only problem we would have been happy.....unfortunately we weren't to be that lucky. The pod was a LOT smaller than we thought, there was basically only enough room to put out blow up bed and Lily's camp bed side by side, so we had to store the cooking stuff outside and the suitcase in the car. Because of the rain we couldn't sit outside so ended up having to buy another camp bed and then Lily slept on a foam mattress on the floor so there was room to sit down inside! The site we were at was building a new clubhouse and swimming pool and although the actual building work was finished the site was very much still a building site! The clubhouse wasn't on mains electric yet so there was a huge generator running 24/7 just behind our pod which meant we didn't sleep very well. The main road into the site ran right past the pod so there were diggers and lorries passing from 8am til 8pm and it meant that we had to keep a real eye on Lily when she wanted to play outside.
We had a few great days out, but of course with the state of the campsite we felt we had to go out every day so we spent an absolute fortune.............and get this............I did not come accross one craft shop!!!!!
All in all we had a pretty rubbish holiday, but hey ho these things happen eh! We are home safe and sound so what more can we ask for. As I say though feels like we've not been away
Not had much time to do much crafty this week but am hoping to get back to it tomorrow night :o)


Kath said...

oh you all look lovely all dressed up for the wedding and oh what a shame about your Lake District experience...just great to have you back....big hugs kath xxxxx

Emma (metalicbutterfly) said...

Glad your back hun we missed you your dress was lovely hun!

Emma xxx

weewiccababe said...

aw thats a right shame about your holiday - sounds a nightmare
nice to see you looking so well in the pic

Mad Mary said...

Oh Panda, you all looks so well in the picture and so glad the wedding went well. If it makes you feel any better the weather up here was shocking the last few weeks too. Isn't Lily's hair getting long!

Lots of love & hugs

Mary xx

brenda said...

So sorry about the hols, left you a message under this weeks Allsorts.

B x