Monday, 31 August 2009

busy busy busy

Hello girlies and I hope you're all having a lovely Bank Holiday Monday! Not much of a Bank Holiday here the kids are at school and I am working as usual boohoo lol

It is all go in the Panda household and Mr Panda is ripping out our kitchen to replace it so the place is like an absolute bomb site. Every time I look at it though I am just thinking of the finished look, we are changing the layout as well as the units so it is double messy as there are walls being torn down and a doorway being boarded up!

Sadly the crafty stuff has had to be packed away for the time being as we are storing lots of stuff in the living room for the time if I am quiet you'll know why. I am relaxing the stresses by knitting though so I am still crafting in some form lol. I am halfway through a lovely cabled poncho for a Xmas present for one of the wee ones I look after. Then it will be time to do a wee cardi or two for the baby lol

have a faby day whatever you're doing's back to the pandemonium for me..............


brenda said...

Hi Amanda

Reiftting things like kitchens and bathrooms is always a nightmare so know what you are going through.

But as you say, think positive and the end result to look forward to.

B x

Kath said...

hang in there amanda...your kitchen will be fab when it is finished..worth all the dust and mess....big hugs kath xxxxx

Mad Mary said...

It will all be worth it Panda and better to do it now before the wee one arrives. Good job Mr Panda is handy!!

Lots of hugs

Mary x

dawnmarieg said...

Ooooh I don't envy you missus with the bombsite kitchen but it'll be gorgeous when its finished I'll bet, you must post a pic cos I'm terminally nosey lol! I'm knitting and doing some crochet just now too. Hope you are keeping well and your little panda in the oven is doing good. Hugs Dawn Marie.xx

Crafty Dawn said...

Did that kitchen thingy two years ago just keep thinking of the finished item it will get you through I still love my kitchen and all the work space so hang in there hun.

Thanx for your lovely comments on my blog

Love Dawn xxx

Lisa said...

Hi Amanda, I don't envy you the mess but just keep thinking of the finished result. It will be worth it!

There is something for you on my blog.

Lisa x

Kim Dellow said...

Sounds like you are very busy! Good luck with it all. Can we borrow Mr Panda when he is finished? LOL! Kim

Dawn said...

Oooh lucky you - A new kitchen - one of my wants!!
It'll be worth it in the end!

Is there no end to your talents - Knitting now??? LOL