Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Back to school :o)

Lily has gone back to school today (and not a moment too soon lol) She looked very smart and grown up in her new uniform, can't believe my baby is in Primary 2 already.............ugh where is the time going?? I am glad the holidays are over at last, not that I don't LOVE spending time with Lily but she was soooo bored and she was missing her friends. Her class has changed a bit this year as we have had to lose two teachers at the school due a huge drop in the roll numbers (the class that left to High School was 30 and the new P1 were 9!!) Lily's P2 class have been split according to their birthdays and the eldest 7 have gone to a P2/3 class and the other 10 are in a new P1/2 class. Lily has her birthday in November so she is young in the class so she is now in a 1/2 composite class. I'm not worried about her learning rate tho as the methods used for teaching is ideal for composite classes as the kids are taught in small groups according to their ability. I am sure she will love P2 as much as P1 :o)


weewiccababe said...

oh my goodness, they grow up so quick. that school bag is nearly as big as she is lol

Rach said...

oh how sweet does she look, had to laugh at the size of her bag.. bless her.. hugs rachxx

Lisa said...

Hi, Such sweet photos! She certainly looks very grown up. My little boy is going into Year 2 when they go back in a few weeks. He was only 5 in July so one of the youngest in his class.

Lisa x

Ann-Marie said...

Aah doesn't she look lovely. They do grow so fast and the time just slips away its quite frightening how quick it goes. I have another year with my youngest at home but when she goes up next September its gonna feel really weird, but the upside is I'll have loads more craft time yippee!!!
Take care
Ann-Marie xx

Kath said...

oh how sweet and yes they grow up far too quickly so enjoy all these moments....hugs kath xxxx

Mad Mary said...

I cannot believe how much Lily has changed in the last year Panda, she looks so tall in her uniform. I am sure she will enjoy School just as much as before.


Mary x

Bev said...

Aww bless, they grow up so quickly sweetie, so savour every moment x

Tip Top said...

Awww! Samuel doesn't start back until 7 Sept where he will be in year 1 and as he is probably the eldest he is in year 1/2. Although he just needs to concentrate more!!! And Jacob starts in Sept 10 and he will be the eldest in the year!

Lily looks so sweet!!

Crafty Dawn said...

Gosh I remember this like it was yesterday and now my baby is in his fianl yr (head boy) and still loving school so don't worry I am sure yr little angel will be fine

Love Dawn xx