Saturday, 29 August 2009

allsorts week challenge

Morning girlies!! It is my turn to set the challenge over at Allsorts this week and I have banned rubber!!! Yup no stamped images..............I have relented though and will let you have digital stamps/images.

I went for stitching for my card with a computer generated sentiment. I made a batch of cards for an aunt who was leading a week of meetings at her church in London and she wanted cards to give everyone at the end. She gave me a list of bible verses she wanted me to use and I got to decorate them how I chose...............but not too feminine as they were for man and women. It was quite a difficult brief to follow but I managed it and made 30 cards. She must have liked them though cos she has ordered some more!!! (heehee more stash money lol)
So I am keeping my fingers crossed that the idea of no stamping hasn't sent you all running for the hills and you will join us this week :o)


weewiccababe said...

I think its amazing what you produce when you're out of your comfort zone - and this is no exception quine, so pretty

Heather "Hev" said...

Popping by to say hi :)

Missing my time to blog hop - but hope to pop by and comment properly soon :)

Finally managed to make a card or two :)

Hope you are well


Love the stitching pattern :)

Mad Mary said...

Absolutely fantastic Panda, i love your card. I also really enjoy stitching on cards and your idea of some stitching and some digital text is brilliant. No wonder your aunt was so pleased with the cards you made for her.

Mary x

Angelo said...

Wow, such a beautiful stitching, Amanda! It's really challengeing to make something for someone else when they ask for you to make something you've never done before. And then it feels soooo gooood when they are satisfied with your job. I guess your aunt must have liked your cards since she ordered some more :)
Good luck with the refurbishing of your kitchen
Hugs, Kristin :)

Crafty Dawn said...

I love your card I have found a new site that sells churcy stamps (US) but really good er our daily bread it's called if you would like to have a look. thanx for the challenge(I think) lol and your lovely comment

Love Dawn xx

Cardmaking Galore said...

This is very elegant!

Maria Matter said...

blessings, Maria

Dawn said...

Yooo Hooo!!
Eeeh this is gorgeous Amanda, no wonder you got more orders..