Sunday, 29 March 2009

Yet another change of plan!!!

Ok I think my meeting with Tina is jinxed!! Our first meeting was to be Thursday but Tina was unable to make it so we rescheduled for Saturday and then I went and got myself taken into hospital and so we had to cancel it yet again! I was rushed to hospital (I could have gone longer in my life without having been in an ambulance!) on Friday afternoon with chest pains. it started out as heartburn like when I was pregnant with Lily so I took a couple of painkillers and a bit of gaviscon to relieve it, but when 2 1/2 hours later is still hadn't gone, in fact it was worse, hubby took me round to the surgery. So a dose of diamorphine and some oxygen later they decided I had to go to hospital as my blood pressure and pulse were very low. Ho hum I thought better do as I'm told for once! An x ray and some blood tests late the upshot was I had to stay in overnight for more tests and to be monitored.

So here I am girlies back in the land of the living and I was soooo exhausted last night I was in bed by 10pm. I am feeling much better after a good sleep last night too :o)

Should be back later today or maybe tomorrow with my dt cards for Monday and hopefully some ribbon inspired crafting (yummmmy new crafty ribbons!) Take care all you gorgeous girlies, hope you're all enjoying the weekend................oh and btw I'm not telling anyone when Tina is coming next time so there can't be any jinxing lol


Macpurp said...

my lips are sealed, not tellin noooooooo one!!!

hope you are feeling better today.
The morphine could have helped lower your Blood pressure too.
be good to yourself and take things gently today. lots of crafting and not much else.
You have the week off any way don't you?
much love teen xx

Ali said...

Hi glad to hear your feel better today. take it easy and enjoy the ribbons! Ali x

Sammi said...

Oh *hugs* you poor girl!!

I think you and Tina better take that holiday and bring all your craft stuff here after all!!

Hope you can take it easy this week!

Tip Top said...

Hope you're feeling better! Sounds nasty but hope you are ok

Steph said...

Oh gosh, how frightning, take it easy hun xxx