Friday, 27 March 2009

A change of plan and 2 awards!

Good morning gorgeous girlies, hope you're all well today, still quiet here on the mojo front, I think she might have found herself a manfriend and is it loving it up somehere the floozy lol

There was a change of plan yesterday and Tina couldn't come so she is coming tomorrow instead. I'm not sure if Tina realises what she's in for with lily here all day!! I feel there might be less crafting going on than we had originally planned lol However I am looking forward to it a lot, Poppy dog is coming too to meet Gypsy so should be a laugh watching the two dogs getting on (Gypsy is a total pushover, she will go along with whatever Poppy does bless her lol)

I have been given two awards this week, how lovely!! Always guaranteed to cheer me right up :o)

The first is from my lovely teamie Mada Mada and I are both on the DT for Just Christmas and Birthday Cards and she is a lovely lady. The DT comes from all over the world which I think is lovely, we all have different styles too, a real mixture lol. Thankyou Mada hun I love it :o)

The second award is from Dawn Dawn and I are both from the North of Scotland and although we have never met I feel a great friendship with her, she's just lovely!! I think I will be suggesting a North Meet Up sometime in the Summer, anyone up for it???
Now the only problem I have with these awards is choosing who to give them to so I am sorry to say I am chickening out this time (I know I know) I promise next time I will definetely do it!!


Macpurp said...

dare I say more sleep till tomorrow!
I have packed all my stuff for tomorrow!
your Mojo is a dirty wee stop out!
congrats on awards BTW

Enfys said...

How lovely, well done Amanda, and well deserved, you are a lovely bloggy friend
Enfys xx


Good morning hunny hope you are well. Sorry i havn't seen your Mojo, probably gone shopping with mine!!!!! i hope they both find their way home soon!! i hope you are having a good week, im really feeling fed up with this horrible miserable weather. Congratulations on your awards hunny they are so well deserved. Enjoy your weekend and speak soon, hugs Linda x

Dawn said...

Hiya Amanda

I'm defo up for a meet up - we REALLY need to organise that !!