Friday, 13 March 2009

Comic Relief

Happy Red Nose Day all you gorgeous girlies!!! Nothing cardy to share today as I spent last night starting one of the cross stitch kits I got at the SECC last week, but I thought I would share some pics of Lily that I took this morning. For school they were to make themselves look different so she is wearing here pyjamas to school and has 8 ponytails in her hair!! She was so excited to be wearing her pyjamas out of the house lol

And now for an arty farty shot to try and get the effect of all the ponytails lol

Hope you're all having a fabbylicious red nose day!


debby4000 said...

Oh she is a little darling.

Tip Top said...

Hehehehe! The look on her face on the last shot is priceless! Such a cutie!

Janet said...

What a pretty little girl!X

Dawn said...

Wow hasn't Lily grown - so cute - lovin' the arty shot!!