Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Ok I'm just about recovered lol

Well girlies we had "THE FIRST BIKE RIDE" on Sunday (yep it deserves both capitals and speech marks!!!) it was great, it was a lovely day although there was no sun, we managed about a mile each way, Lily was tired or else we would have gone further! I was amazed to find I could still do it,.............after all its over 20 years since I went on a bike but you know the's like riding a bike lol

Lily was delighted to have had a family cycle, it was lovely to see her so happy! We are very lucky to have a cycle path next to the road between our village and the next one, so we will be building up to that (3 miles each way!!!)

Of course it was lovely at the time but sadly now my backside is wishing it had never been born and OMG the pain in my thighs!!! shows how unfit I am of course (oh the shame lol) Now it's Tuesday I can say I have finally recovered lmao

I am soooo behind this week, I haven't even had time to make my dt cards (naughty Amanda!!) there's just so much going on just now............stuff on every night, kids keeping me busy....yada yada yada! I will catch up I hope either that or meet myself coming back lol Hope all you gorgeous girlies in bloggy land are enjoying St Paddy's day :o)


Dawn said...


Well glad you made it!! Sore wasn't the word when I attempted it - I needed rescusiation - over did it and could hardly get back because of jelly legs!!! Never AGain!!! Bike got sold soon after!!! LOl
You must be quite fit though to be able to do that for your first time in ages..

I know what you mean too about everything else taking over the cardage front - me too! I have hardly any time to keep up with all the bloggy pals and do my DT stuff... Grrr!! will get there though!


Carol said...

Well Done You!! I do admire you for doing the bike thing! i always used to get a sore bot....not ridden a bike since my children were younger...i think it might kill me off if i tried it now!!

Carol x

Ila said...

Oh my Gosh!! a bike ride....I am so jealous!!...we still have a few feet of snow in our backyard. I love bikeriding...but I know the pain you are talking about....good thing it only lasts the first few
Thanks for spreading the news of my blog candy....Good Luck!!...Hugs, Ila