Monday, 17 November 2008

the holly and the ivy

All together now........the holly and the ivy when they are all full grown...............

This card is from a pattern by Sue McGuirk. I enjoyed making this card, it is stitched to the card with the red beads :) the sentiment words are traced with silver gel pen so they're not showing up so well in the photo. the blank areas in the circles are done on the grid, you might have to click on the pic to see better


Dawn said...

wow wow such skill Amanda - it's so delicate and gorgeous!


It is freeeezing here today Brrr!!

Natalie said...

Amanda this is beautiful. x

Enfys said...

Oh my Amanda, this is simply stunning. You are so clever. This looks as delicate as a cobweb
hugs, En x

Sue said...

wow, this is beautiful...i love it:)


Deborah March said...

This is GORGEOUS Amanda! Parchment craft positively eludes me, so I'm always so impressed with those who do such a lovely job with them.