Thursday, 18 September 2008

Lily has been crafting

One of Lily's friends has her 5th birthday today and this is the card she made her. All I did was cut the piece of stripy paper for her, she punched it and then I stuck it on for her. She picked the embellishment herself out of her own stash and then she glued some of the punch outs on the card (her idea) and asked me to tie a ribbon on it for her. I am so proud of her for this card, normally she puts loads and loads of stickers on and I have to physically drag her away from the card lol. Bless her she is off school today with a bit of a tummy bug and she was worried that her friend woulsn't gt her card so she made her daddy take it to school when he dropped off the 2 minded boys :)


Heather "Hev" said...

Wow Lily - that is a fabulous card :)
I bet your friend loved it, as it is so pretty and you made it look really fun with the punch outs around the card :)

Cant wait to see more :)
Hope you are feeling much better today.
Hugs from Australia :)

Thankyou for sharing this with us Amanda :)

Jozza said...

Aw wow! Lily what a talent you have!! That is so pretty.

Hmm methinks Lily is going to be very very good at this papercraft malarkey :o)

Have you thought about entering the Tiny Funky fairies and Elves challenge Lily? It runs every 2 weeks :o)