Thursday, 5 August 2010

oh nooooo!!

We are just back from a lovely few days at my mums. I had a week of work so we went down and managed to visit all the family and some friends and oh my mum just spoiiled me cooking or cleaning, she even did our washing and ironing bless her. She said she wanted me to have a relaxing time :o) Ian and I even managed a night out......only our 2nd time since Alfie came along lol

Just came online quickly on hubby's pc to see if I had any comments on my Allsorts card and the Penny Black at Allsorts card and disaster has struck!!! The two posts have disappeared! I wrote them on Friday evening and scheduled them and now I can't even find them :o(

Of course all the pics are on my laptop so will be back in the morning with both cards!!

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