Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Valentine's Choccies

Valentine's Day tomorrow! I am sure the mad advertising on tv and everyhwere else has not escaped your attention lol 
Ian and I don't do much in the romace department for Valentines Day if I am honest, but I usually get the old man a sweetie or two and a card.  This year I thought the new download from Funky Hand, Just for Jen was perfect for a bit of Valentine's craftiness.  I chose the grey paper cos it's perfect for Ian, he's not much of a hearts and flowers type.  Red always goes so well with grey, plus it matched the heart Choccies so had to go with that.

The box was a little one I got from ikea ages ago.  They come plain white for decorating and are perfect for us crafters. I cut a swirl for behind the heart, the sentiment was done on the pc.  The narrow ribbon was one of those most annoying loops found inside almost every top I buy these days! I cut them out and put them straight in my craft stash. 

The Choccie hearts were from poundland (shhh don't tell hubby). Sadly not all the Choccies would fit in and there was one lonely wee heart left all on its ownsome...........not for long though I soon put it out of its misery.  Since I made the box though I have in fact given the choccies to Lily to give for Valentine's Day!  She has a wee boyfriend at school and he gave her a lovely teddy and card on Monday and seeing as she is now off school for the rest of the week for half term we literally had Monday night to get something for her to give him.  So I sacrificed Ian's choccies for young love.......awwwwww

SO best get out to poundland for more choccies eh?

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