Tuesday, 4 January 2011

thankyou at Allsorts

This week at Allsorts Fleur has set the theme of "thankyou". I have made this card for a friend of mine, she's not really a girly colour lover so used this lovely rich green card to back it. The pattern is from Parchmentcraft Magazine, its an old one. I have made this one a few times as I just love it. I had forgotten how long these parchment cards take to make! I started it on Friday and didn't get it finished properly and mounted til Sunday night. I should have taken the pic and posted it yesterday but we had a lot of visitors so I just didn't get round to it

Hope you will come and join us :o)


MrsK said...

Hey Amanda hows you chick?

Totally gorgeous card i love it!

Thanks for letting me know about the link! I've made it work but if it still dosen't (gremlins!) there's the blog addy at the bottom of the post LOL


brenda said...

Hi Amanda

I am always in awe of your parchemnt craft work, absolutely stunning.

B x

Macpurp said...

as always this is just stunning! I adore your Parchment work!
love to you all xxx

debby4000 said...

Oh this is amazing Amanda.

foxyenglishcrafter said...

I love this parchment card. It is stunning. Talking about parchment, thats how I stumbled upon your blog. I clicked on a pair of baby shoes, which brought me to you. Was hoping to find out where you got the pattern from but cannot find the shoes. I noticed forever friends cards here on your blog. I have some candy with these images over at my blog. Add your name and i will enter you into the candy draw if your interested in the chance to win some paper n images.

Happy crafting