Saturday, 12 June 2010

Allsorts week 56

WOW Saturday again and over at Allsorts Fleur is asking for Lace and/or buttons :o) It was my daughter in laws birthday her first since she became my daughter in law so had to squeeze in "daughter in law" on there somewhere lol
OOOOHHH we have some reeeeaalllly exciting news and I am just bursting to tell you but I am on pain of death so can't!! It's HUGE news........I'll share as soon as I can lol

Didn't realise it had been so long since I posted on here.....tut tut! Life is so busy I am barely getting the time to make the cards let alone blog them lol. Lily is doing so well at school and is looking more and more beautiful every day. Aargghh only 3 weeks left of school already!! where has the school year gone? Alfie is just a huge chubby ball of gorgeousness, he is a happy wee bunny too :o) Will try and get a few pics on here later in the week.


Fleur said...

Lovely card Amanda, you sound very busy.
Hope you have a lovely weekend
Hugz Fleur xXx

Mummylade said...

gorgeous lace you've used!

Macpurp said...

what a beautiful card! I love that lace and found some you gave me...

hugs Love teen xxx

ps you can tell me your secret...I wont tell NO ONE! xxx