Friday, 19 March 2010

new pics of Alfie

As promised here are a couple of new pics of the wee man! I can't believe he is 11 weeks old now......where did the time disappear to? It feels like he's been in the family forever lol
He is a fantastic boy, sleeps from 10.30pm til 6.30am and has been doing so since 5 weeks old bless him. He makes up for it during the day of course and hardly has any sleep then, but I'm not complaining I would much rather he slept through the night!

dressed as Tigger taken when he was about 6 weeks old

this is Lily at about the same age in the same outfit for comparison lol two peas in a pod eh?

entering a face pulling contest lol

taken on 8 March
and another comparison

Lily at 5 months old

it's the wee man's christening next week so there will be a few more pics then :o)

Back tomorrow with my theme for Allsorts xxx


Macpurp said...

awwwwwwww! i love these pictures! and look at the funny face he was pulling, hehehe.

love them.

lots of love teen xx

Kath said...

he is such a cute dude and is growing up to be a handsome boy....big hugs kath xxxxx