Saturday, 31 October 2009

week 25 at Allsorts and wedding pics

Oh dear I have been a bad bad blogger haven't I? I forgot all about posting my DT card from last week, I meant to schedule the post but forgot all about it......blame the excitement of the wedding. I've had all week to show the wedding pics and again been a bad blogger was just so first of all a few pics from the wedding...................... Hubby in his kilt before the wedding :o)
the happy couple :o)

my wee princess :o)
I am waiting for pictures to be emailed from other guests so will post a pic of me in the dress (with legs and everything lol) when I receive them.
The wedding itself was very eventful! Saturday morning we woke to the news the bride and her father had come down with a sickness bug that the groom had had earlier in the week. Hubby was sent to find a chemist in Gretna Green to get some anti sickness tablets. After a few hours they both stopped vomitting so phew wedding could go ahead. Poor bride had to leave the table decorating to various members of the family as she was feeling bad. Nicky and Ian got ready and headed over to the bar for a last drink (luckily they only had a coke!) Nicky was in the middle of asking his mum to be witness when the realisation dawned on him that he hadn't picked up the marriage liscence from the registrar!!!! He was supposed to have picked it up on the Friday afternoon when they arrived but they had got held up in traffic and arrived in the evening so it had gone out his head. Panic set in as you can imagine. Ian and Nicky set off for the registrar's office which is about 5 miles from where the wedding was at breakneck speed. meanwhile Nicky is trying to get them on the phone. He finally gets an answer as they are pulling into the car park so he runs in to get the liscence and they get back to the wedding venue with 10 minutes to spare!!! The wedding was at 1pm and it was a good job he remembered when he did because they shut at 1pm!
Finally everyone was able to breathe again and thankfully no-one had mentioned it to the bride lol We had the wedding then a lovely meal then there was a couple of hours to just relax before the reception. I went back to our room for a lie down as I was exhausted. We went over to the bar at 7pm and Lily's cough was getting progressively worse and I ended up taking her back to her bed at 8.30pm as she had a high temperature and just wanted to go to bed. Bless her she was asleep within half an hour and I had to miss the reception! I didn't feel too bad tho as the bride and groom had got changed from their wedding gear as the bride still wasn't feeling 100% and they just had a few hours chatting with the families in the bar, they didn't join the disco at all. I think they were just glad to have all the drama behind them :o)
So onto Allsorts for this week and it is my theme this week and as it was the wedding last week I decided to keep the theme running and am asking for wedding/wedding anniversary cards, layouts, presents, whatever!!
I decided to make a wordbook using the fabulous I DO download from Funky Hand. The wedding colours were pink and black so went with these as my accent colours.

Also used for the wordbook: Martha Stewart border punch, cuttlekids tadpole alphabet dies, Stampin Up ribbon (white), crafty ribbons ribbon (black) and various bits n bobs from my stash :o)
Please have a look at the rest of the DTs cards they are really gorgeous!!


Tasha said...

Oh wow an eventful wedding! I think thats always the way isnt it, there is so much pressure for it to go perfect that something always slips up!
The pics are fab and your little one looks like a princess!
Love this word book! The colours are great and i love the embellishing! It looks hard to dothough - not sure im ready to attempt this yet!
love tasha xx

Kath said...

loving all the wedding pics...guy in a kilt does it for me everytime...gorgeous little princess and wow such a handsome couple....glad everything turned out well in the end...but what a day...can't wait to see the pics of the lady herself...enjoy the rest of your weekend....hugs kath xxxxx
Anice would just love your word book...why don't you e-mail her with a

Mad Mary said...

Fantastic pics Panda and what a shame that the bride wasn't 100% for her special day. She still looks gorgeous though. I've not got that set from Funky Hand but i have bought other stuff from them.

Mary xx

Jules said...

Hi Amanda

I couldn't wait to see your word book after tempting me with just the front cover!! It is lovely. You have inspired me to make one.

Such a shame that the bride wasn't 100% for her special day.

Love Jules xx

Tip Top said...

Blimey that was a wedding you won't forget in a hurry! Fab word book! And I hope that the little one is better and that you and the bump are well too!

Anice said...

Wow that is a wedding day that they will never forget. Phew it's exciting enough when it all goes smoothly! Everyone looked wonderful though. Thank you so much for sharing the Wedding Word book, Kath was right I love to see what fab creations other crafters make with the designs. You have made a real smasher!
Anice xx
Funky Hand

Dawn said...

Hiya Amanda

Wow great photos and doesn't hubby look smart.
What an eventful day and bless poor Lily.

Love the word book, gorgeous!

Hope you are keeping well