Sunday, 28 June 2009

Sunday School Picnic

Well we ended up having a really lovely day yasterday................not a drop of rain which was a result as it looked like showers when I got up! The sun came out now and then in the morning and it was just warm enough for all the walking around we were doing. The picnic was fab, lots of lovely sandwiches and best of all Betty's famous Marsbar Crispy Cake (oooohhhh yummmm she makes it for all picnics and parties cos we all loves it so much lol)

We took the kids to the Highland Wildlife Park which is in the next village and is fabulous. We recently got some Amur Tigers (they used to be called Siberian Tigers) and they just had cubs 7 weeks ago so we were all eager to see them. I LOVE tigers they are just gorgeous animals, so I was in my element! We also saw Snow Monkeys, Wolves, Wild Boar, Red Pandas, Otters and Bactrian Camels to name a few :o)

Here's some pics as promised:

how cute is this wee baby Snow Monkey??

daddy tiger getting his lunch

mummy and 2 of the cubs also at feeding time, there are three cubs the other one was hiding!


Kath said...

wow bet you had a ball at the picnic and so pleased the weather behaved for the Highland Wildlife Park and can't wait to visit and see those gorgeous cats...Hugs Kath xxxxx

Emma (metalicbutterfly) said...

So glad the weather held out for you hun!
those baby animals are so sweet!

Emma xxx