Monday, 21 April 2008

new start!!

Today I am starting a diet called Lighter Life, it is basically no eating lol. I have meal replacement shakes and bars. It is supposed to be for 12 weeks but I am having a trial for two weeks to see if I get on ok with it. the hardest part will be drinking 4 litres of water a day, but I am positive it will be a good plan for me. I think a break form eating and deciding what to eat will help me a lot, so fingers crossed I will get on ok

I am still busy with the wedding invitations so that will keep my mind off food I hope lol.

Had a good weekend, my mum came on Saturday to visit and stay over, so we had a good catch up over a couple of bottles of wine. Of course Lily ADORES her granny so she had a great time with her. Plenty of cuddles and stories :)

Last week I got the order form to order Lily's school jumpers for when she starts in August, I can't believe it is so close now!! Seems like only yesterday it was her first birthday lol. School uniforms what a thought lol.

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