Thursday, 10 April 2008

Huge job ahead

A friend has asked me to make her wedding invitations........70 in all. I am looking forward to the challenge lol. This is the invitation I designed for her, the celtic knot I found on Google and the template for the vellum cover is from Mirkwood Templates. I am glad to say she likes the design and I will be making a start on them tonight. I tried to keep the design simple as there are so many to do, it's not a rushed job either as the wedding isn't until August :)
Lily and the kids I look after went back to school this week. Much as I loved having time with just Lily in the holidays I was quite relieved when she went back on tuesday lol. She loves nursery and was very excited to go back, she does miss her friends and even her teachers when she is on school holidays. Bless her I wonder how long that will last lol

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