Monday, 21 September 2009

kitchen pics!!!!!!

Here we are as promised some before and after shots of the new kitchen!!

Ian has just walked through the old doorway.......... which is now the main run of units

the old run of units...........

which is now the doorway

back door area..............

and finally the full view :o)

And just to give you a taste of how we were living here's a couple of pics of the living room lol

Isn't my hubby a clever boy?? lol


Jules said...

Hi Amanda

You must be so pleased now all the work is complete.

Everything looks beautiful and yes, your hubby is a clever boy!!!

We are having our bathroom sorted at the moment but it isn't causing the chaos you must have suffered (just a mega layer of plaster dust over anything and everything that stays still for more than 5 seconds).

Thanks also Amanda for your help re my "Scottish" card on Friday evening.

Our recipient was well pleased and said that either sentiment would have been right by him!! LOL!!

Happy New Kitchen Amanda!!

Love Jules xx

Kath said...

love the new look and hey I bet you are pleased it's all finished....clever clever you rent him out.....hugs kath xxxx


wow hunny your kitchen is sure looking fabulous, you must be sooooo thrilled. You have a very clever hubby can i borrow him???

Have a lovely afternoon, hugs Linda x

Angelo said...

You are so lucky to have a new kitchen!! And all the mess can go away :) Yay!

Hugs, Kristin :)

dawnmarieg said...

Oh its huge!! Wow, how fab is your hubby, do you rent him out lol. Your kitchen is gorgeous hun. Hugs Dawn Marie.xx

dawnmarieg said...

rofl just realised Kath used the same 'renting him out' comment as me lol. He's in great demand. Dawn Marie.xx

Enfys said...

It looks great Amanda, great colours you chose, very funky. Hope you are keeping well
En xx