Wednesday, 18 June 2008

had the chop lol

Been to have my hair all chopped off!! Feeling much more myself now :) So much easier for the Summer as well, well thats if we et one!! Have been really busy and haven't had much time for crafting, it was Ian and I's 12th anniversary last week so we went out for a "Lily free" evening which was lovely for a change. We had the Sunday School picnic last weekend, we took them to landmark which is a local attraction set in the middle of a huge forest......inevitably it rained and I got eaten alive by the dreaded midges! I am still scratching now ugh!
Lily had her taster day at primary school today and she had a fantastic time, she loved it. Not sure if she will be disappointed to have to go back to nursery for the rest of term......only 7 school/work days left now til the end of term and also til we go on holiday.....I am definetely in need of my holidays this year :)

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